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Help & Support

Delivery & Takeaway:

The Restaurants Provides the delivery services, however, sometimes mistakes happens (delays, wrong order delivered, or bad luck.)

We at always trying our best to give you the better experience ordering and using the app.

iOS & Android Apps:

The iOS and Android apps are both hand-crafted with care and sometimes features become available first on one platform, and later on the other. The main functionality is almost the same.

Contact Support

If you didn’t find a suitable answer in our FAQ above, please feel free to contact us directly right away:

  • email to

  • Use the Support chat inside the Aklat app on your phone

  • Send us a direct WhatsApp message on WhatsApp

  • If you want your account to be deleted from our database, please send us a Message to our email:
    Your email, phone number and addresses you provided in the user account creation process will be deleted once you delete your account from the app.

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